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just some scars from a life that used to trouble me

Title: just some scars from a life that used to trouble me
Author: hopenight
Word Count : 3,353
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Tony Stark, Thor, Natasha Romanov
Summary: There is a Hero and a Legend who is defined as such. This is his story in the middle with a Girl Who Waited and a magic madman in a box and freezing to the future. He is the Hero but once he was different. Even Heroes need heroes and people to love them. (Or in which Steve Rogers was taken in by Amy Pond and Rory Williams.)

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Matt Smith is smexy and funnay

A Prayer for the Wild at Heart (MASTERPOST)

Title: A Prayer for the Wild at Heart
Author: hopenight
Artist: chosenfire28
Type:: Slash mentions of past het
Word Count : 31, 509
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Will Schuester, Finn Hudson, Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman, Artie Abrams, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, appearances from the majority of New Directions and other season 2 characters, Will/Finn (main pairing) mentions of Sam/Quinn, Artie/Brittany, Mike/Tina with mentions of past Will/Terri, Will/Emma, Finn/Rachel, Finn/Quinn
Warnings student/teacher relationship, major age difference, sexual content, strong language
Summary: It starts with a song in a school a night. What? No this isn't a crappy teen romance novel! Geez I'm trying to tell you a story here! Alright so it starts with a song, dude it's Glee of course the story starts with a song. And it's has connection between two people in an isolating age which is kind of from a song too but not.
Sorry. So I, Finn Hudson, am not a stalker. I'm just throwing it out there alright? I just happened to be walking past the choir room while Mister Schue was singing. Totally innocent and then you know I just happened to keep going back. Shut up. It's not stalking, it's the total opposite of it. I just didn't like hearing Mister Schue be all sad and lonely and depressing. Plus it kind of broke my heart that no one saw how upset he truly was. But no one was helping him, no one was there for him. So...why not me? I mean I'm just a dumb kid but at least I could try to help. And someone should help Mister Schue, he's an awesome teacher you know?
I just didn't expect my act of good will to kind of backfire and kind of not. Yeah this is where my story gets complicated. Because spending time with a guy, you get to know him. And Mister Schue and me well we spent tons of time together through tutorin and that duet competition and just talking a lot. About a lot of stuff and he made me feel smart and that my opinions mattered. Then the lines started to go kind of hazy right? One moment he's Mister Schue, my teacher who needs help, and the next he's Will who is one of the best friends I have ever had. And maybe I want it to be something more. But...we'll not going into that right now. So this is a chronicle (Will's word) of our friendshippy-relationship deal from Britney Spears bashing to my Virgin Rocky Horror Show to a Wedding as we stumble and trip our way into this...thing I can't really define.

A/N:: Alright so this is my answer to all the stuff that kind of annoyed me from season 2 of Glee. I just threw in my favorite pairing and tried to realistically portrayed two people falling in love. Because I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. It was hard and it was a long process. So I'm not sure how good it's going to be. I didn't get address everything (and I had to cut an episode out entirely) and Sam got as lost as the exposition fairy at some point. But this is the final product and I hope you like it. I hope that I made a good fic that people would like to read which is the goal of any writer I guess. But...all I wanted to show was something real and believable between two people.
Alright so time to thank everyone.
First I would love to thank the fabulous and amazing alicebluegown16 who wasn't afraid to get tough and helped me exponetionally in planning out this fic. She was an awesome beta and not afriad to tell me when I was slacking off. She's one of the most talented writers that I know and I'm so glad to call her a friend.
Second to my dear friends dark_dreymer and tawg who just awesome to listen to me rant and bounce off ideas. And staying up with me to just talk while I'm burning the midnight oil through revisions and all that stuff. They're two of my favorite people in the world and I am so proud of them for getting through their first big bang!
Last, but not least, my artist chosenfire28 who is an awesome person. I know this isn't your pairing hun but thanks for taking me on when no one else would. You. Rock.



Matt Smith is smexy and funnay

A Hero

Title: A Hero
Author: hopenight
Pairing: Will/Finn
Word Count: 3, 125
age difference, brief mention of blood
Finn Hudson has had a lot of heroes in his life. But he never imagined that he would’ve fallen in love with one of them.
For the Will Schuester Appreciation Month challenge over a winnners! Sorry if it’s a little corny but I hope you all will enjoy it! Dedicated to alicebluegown16 and dark_dreymer, who are just some of the most awesome friends a girl could ask for.


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Matt Smith is smexy and funnay

Student-Teacher Relations

Title: Student-Teacher Relations
Word Count: 1, 152
roleplaying, age difference
Will Schuester, rebel without a clue, has been called into Mister Hudson’s office. Sexytime ensue. (A sequel to Smells Like Teen Spirit)
A light, fluffy, silly, slightly porny fic for alicebluegown16 who hasn’t been feeling well! And fluff is the ultimate cure all! Hope you enjoy it!

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